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The Problem

Changing climate and growing wildland urban interfaces

We are facing unprecedented challenges from climate change. Including increasingly frequent extreme events and shifts in previously “normal” averages. One of those challenges includes increasingly devastating wildfire events.

California wildfires in 2018:

  • killed 87 people
  • burned 2 million acres
  • caused over $400B in costs/liabilities.

And it is only getting worse

Expected Average Temperature Increases Over Next Decade.





Situational Awareness

How it Works

Perch protects lives and property by detecting wildfires in vulnerable and remote areas. We do this by distributing a network of sensors across the power grid to monitor the surrounding environment. Our sensors are built for reliability and long-term Wildfire protection applications. Perch is both detecting and predicting Wildfires in an effort to protect that which we hold dear; our community.

Our Story

Perch started as a research project at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and has since grown into a company.

We grew up in California and Oregon. We saw first hand the devastation of wildfires, including the many families displaced, torn apart, and lives lost. After the Camp Fire Tragedy in 2018, we decided we wanted to make a difference using our engineering and technology backgrounds. As students at Cal Poly we found like minded faculty mentors and started learning.

In 2019, we were selected for the College of Engineering Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) and developed a new technique that quickly and efficiently detects wildfires using existing power infrastructures. We continue to learn and develop. We began our company at the start of the summer of 2020 and haven’t looked back since.

Meet the Team


Emil Erickson


Wildfire Growth and Detection, IoT data aquisition, Sensor Networks


Michael Tuttle

Principle Engineer

Power Flow Security, Distributed Energy Storage Systems, Distributed Networks


Reed Slobodin


Wildfire Growth and Detection, Python & C++ Programming, MATLAB Simulation

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Please email Emil at emilerickson@perchsensing.com